Voices for Biodiversity – Garbage to Garden

Landfills create big problems. Toxins in electronic refuse — old cell phones, computers, televisions, etc. — can eventually leach into the soil and groundwater, causing decades of environmental health hazards. Food scraps and green waste are covered and packed down as they decompose, a process that reduces oxygen and eventually releases methane, a gas 21 times…

Voices for Biodiversity – New Fishing Line Recyclers Along the Emerald Coast

For a few months this winter, my office in Okaloosa County became storage space for ten monofilament recyclers. Wide PVC pipes had been painted with beautiful marine designs from herons and crabs to mermaids — by local wildlife artist Annette Taunton, and were ready for installation near piers and marinas across Okaloosa County.   Read the full article on Voices for Biodiversity.