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September 24, 2014

forest, trail, path, durham, north carolina, falls lake, trees, sunset, light
Photo ID: Blog005

A free evening means a quiet walk in the woods! I explored the Falls Lake Trail for the first time, located just outside Durham in North Carolina. The light was beautiful, coming through the trees at an angle and dappling the forest floor with gold and copper shadows. Though we were close to Route 98, we couldn’t hear the traffic, and instead listened to the bellows of a Great Blue Heron on the water to one side of the trail. Tufted Titmice were plentiful, and making an adorable racket as they chased each other through the leaves.

television, forest, north carolina, durham, trash, litter, falls lake
Photo ID: Blog006

The only major bummer was the trash. As we surveyed the lake’s shoreline, we found bottles, cans, televisions, sneakers, and other refuse. It’s such a beautiful forest, and the major human mark was ugly. Still, it looked like the ecosystem was resilient, and I’m hoping to arrange a community trash pickup to clean up the area. If people made the mess, we should pick it up as well!

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