.November 4, 2014

It’s autumn here in the Triangle! I have been experimenting with a new camera, an old rebel model that my boss at work gave me. Even though some of the features are not as good as in modern cameras, I love the way it captures light.

fall, autumn, red, crimson, leaves, foliage, duke, nature, wildlife
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Since I wanted to practice with my new-old camera, I took it to Duke’s campus one day to photograph the changing trees. It has definitely been a warmer fall, but some of the trees are still brilliant, especially those in deep crimson.Two of these trees are on West Campus at Duke, bordering a small grassy courtyard. The sparrows and kinglets love them, and I love the way the leaves crunch beneath my feet as I walk to class.

red, crimson, sunlight, leaves, foliage, tree, wildlife, nature, duke
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red, yellow, red, crimson, leaves, foliage, fall, autumn, nature, duke, tree
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Other beautiful fall trees are, of course, in Duke Gardens. I’ve been taking a Landscape Plants class, and am trying to mentally connect the tree species to the individual plants I’m looking at. The hickory are a brilliant yellow, while the beech and maple trees are just starting to turn. I look forwarded to more colors in this extended autumn season!

trees, yellow, gold, leaves, fall, foliage, trees, duke gardens, duke
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