November 17, 2014

This past weekend was chilly here in North Carolina, but the sunny skies made for an excellent photo opportunity on Duke’s campus. Duke, unsurprisingly, has a beautiful campus. Most of the buildings were constructed with stone from the same quarry, and thus there is a visual unity across the entire campus. We are in the middle of our fall foliage season, and there were many trees sporting truly golden leaves.

autumn, foliage, leaves, gold, yellow, duke, north carolina
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Duke of course is known for its famous Chapel, the focal point of the landscape. It really is a beautiful structure, set off below by a bright tree in the foreground. Though it looks like it could have been built in the 16th or 17th centuries, it was actually completed in 1935.

fall, foliage, autumn, leaves, duke, duke chapel, north carolina
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The chapel is also bordered by beautiful gardens, and in the fall the camellias are definitely the highlight. The ones sporting red petals are my favorite, and they are conveniently located directly below the chapel itself, allowing them to frame the architecture in a photo looking directly up.

duke chapel, camellias, duke, north carolina, flowers
Photo ID: Blog028

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