December 23, 2014

On our birding trip last week, from our first stop at Lake Pocosin we drove 45 minutes to Lake Mattamuskeet, an absolute favorite for any birder. Formed relatively recently, the lake is large but shallow. Though there are always birds around throughout the year, winter is an especially good time to view winteriing waterfowl.

birding, birds, lake mattamuskeet, north carolina
Photo ID: Blog039

Unlike Pocosin, where the birds might be far away, the American coots, northern pintail, and northern shovelers amassed here were barely 20 yards from us. Clouds had obscured the sun, shedding an almost sunset-like golden like across the water. Though there were still no sign of snow geese, I didn’t mind. In fact, I was feeling exceedingly lucky that we had spent most of the day surrounded by birds.

birding, birds, swanquarter, refuge, nature, wildlife, water, sunset
Photo ID: Blog040

Our final stop was the Swanquarter Wildlife Refuge, and a quick walk to the end of the fishing pier and back. The day had started out sunny and beautiful, but from where we stood we could see a storm roll in, and not five minutes after we jumped in the car to head home huge rain droplets splattered against our window and soaked the road. A dramatic end to a great birding day.

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