January 12, 2014

Maine has a beautiful network of trails known as the Huts and Trails system, where visitors can walk, snowshoe, or cross-country ski along groomed trails deep in the Maine woods. Every so often, hikers will come across a beautifully engineered hut, complete with solar or hydro-power (or both) enabling each hut to be either completely or somewhat self-sufficient.

river, frozen, water, river, maine
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I say “hut,” but they are really more similar to lodges. Recreationalists can stop in for a warm bowl of soup for lunch, or opt to spend the whole night in one of their many rooms. I’ve never stayed over, but I do love to hike up to the hut located near Carrabassett Valley.

On my most recent trip we set out in early afternoon, finding the trails easy to walk on due to lack of recent snowfall. The weather had turned cold, and thick ice covered not only the small streams but also the large river. In fact, it was so cold that a nearby waterfall had almost completely frozen.

river, waterfall, frozen, maine
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Have you ever seen a frozen waterfall? If not, you should put it high up on your bucket list, for it is an amazing sight. The water froze in unique patterns and intricate designs, not only on the water itself but also on nearby rocks and plants where the waterfall’s spray crystallized. The whole scene had fantasy undertones, like mystical beings were residing near the glass-like waterfall in the winter months.

waterfall, frozen, winter, maine
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