April 8, 2015

I’ll admit it, I’m spring obsessed. After a harsh, cold winter (for North Carolina), all the exploding blossoms have left me giddy. Duke’s campus is gorgeous, and, as always, Duke Gardens is particularly vibrant.

tulip, duke gardens, flowers, spring
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Tulips have captivated humans for centuries. During Holland’s “Tulip Mania,” bulbs became so expensive they were actually used as money! Though we’re not quite as tulip crazy today, they are still perfect flowers for colorful mixed beds, almost like dots in a pointillism painting.

tulip, flowers, spring, duke gardens
Photo ID: Blog066

My mother was visiting this weekend, and so the first thing I did was take her to the Terraces, full of tulip blooms. I’ve always been drawn to warm colors, and I fell in love with the red, orange, and yellow beds. Others were planted with purple and pink petals, while still others mixed all kinds of colors. There’s no doubt the Duke Gardens staff have a ton of fun designing each flower bed.

tulips, flowers, spring, duke gardens
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