November 4, 2015

birding, kids, under five, bird

We all hear people say it: “Wait till you have kids, the way you spend your time will be completely different.” Well, right now, pre-children, I spend a lot of time birding. Given that birding generally requires patience, quiet, and a lot of walking, I knew people would be particularly doubtful about my ability to continue birding after my husband and I eventually start a family.

To test it out, this weekend I took my (almost) four year old nephew, Braiden, on a quick jaunt to Lake Jovita near Tampa, Florida. The good news is that birding and four-year-olds definitely go together, but I took away five lessons that will be helpful to anyone looking to bring kids along on wildlife adventures.

Read more about the 5 tips on my new exploration website, One World, Two Feet!

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