Birding Maine – Searching for Ovenbirds

Continued from Spring Warblers in the Rangeley Lakes Region.

The path we were following was an old loop trail that headed up the hill, merged onto a logging road that traversed a ridge line, then curved back to Grants Camps and the main road. The track was narrow, covered here and there with giant piles of fresh moose droppings, making me wonder if there was some huge moose nearby.

I love moose, but I was always wary about coming face to face with one on the trail. Did I mention they are huge? Did I also mention they have tiny brains? Though in general they are very docile creatures and will just run away when spotted, most Mainers know someone who knows someone who was chased by a moose for who knows why. I myself have seen one race a car along the road instead of ducking into the safety of the underbrush, and my mom literally hid from one behind a tree when it started following her during rutting season; at the time, she was eight months pregnant with me! Needless to say when I gingerly step over their droppings I remind myself to keep eyes and ears alert.

Read the rest here at Bangor Daily News.

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