Birding Maine – Fishing for Loons Part II

Continued from Fishing for Loons.

Loons are smart birds, and over the years certain loons on certain lakes have discovered that when an angler catches a fish, that fish is ripe for the taking. They swoop in like underwater torpedoes, stealing the trout and zooming off.

While it may be a boon for the loons, it drives fishermen and women up the wall. To compensate, on Kennebago Lake the locals have begun reeling in as fast as they can, desperately trying to keep their fish ahead of the aggressive loons. Sure, this works sometimes, but once in a while it backfires, and the loons launch themselves straight into the boat! They may be birds, but their bills are ridiculously sharp, and I would definitely not want to face off with an angry diving bird.

Read the rest of the post on the Bangor Daily News!

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