Emerald Coasting – Bird Banding on the Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast is a bird hotspot, especially for species that depend on the Gulf for survival. Scan the skies for Brown Pelicans, terns, and gulls, or look along the beach for shorebirds running along the surf; birds are everywhere. In the summer and fall, over a dozen species can be spotted on any given day, but many visitors don’t know that merely by looking at birds they can make important contributions to the science that protects them.

Bird banding is a critical way researchers gather information about bird movement and survival. At certain times of the year, specially certified scientists “band” the bird by placing rubber or plastic bracelets across their legs. The bands are specific colors, and can contain identification numbers or tags. They are light-weight, and do not harm the birds who wear them.

Read the rest on the Emerald Coast blog!

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