National Parks Traveler – Crafters Work To Create The National Park Tempestry Project

I remember when my very first Tempestry arrived in the mail. Pulling out the list of instructions, I held the bright, tightly wound balls of yarn in my palm, contemplating the data they would eventually reveal to me. A science and fiber project, each row of each Tempestry represents the high temperature of a single day. The finished product – 365 days, 365 rows – unfurls to the size of a scarf, but represents an entire year of temperature data. An idea dawned: what if knitters around the country knitted Tempestries for their favorite national park?

The Deception Pass, Washington, Collection ranging from 1950 to 2016, exhibited at the Museum of Northwest Art/Photo courtesy of the Tempestry Project.

Read the entire article on National Parks Traveler!

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