Audubon Florida – Jay Watch Celebrates 2019 Season of Monitoring and Restoration

At the end of November, Jay Watch volunteers from far and wide gathered at the Archbold Biological Station to celebrate another successful summer season of mapping Florida Scrub-Jay cooperative family groups at over 40 sites on the Florida peninsula.

Florida Scrub-Jays are the Sunshine State’s only endemic species. A handsome bird, the jay is curious and loud, with a blue head, blue wings, blue tail, white breast, and a silver back. Dependent on disappearing scrub habitat, Florida Scrub-Jay populations hover at around 4,000 birds. To both monitor and protect this iconic species, Audubon Florida’s Jay Watch volunteers fan out across the state from mid-June to mid-July to survey adult and juvenile Scrub-Jay family groups.

Florida Scrub Jay
Florida Scrub-Jay. Photo by Marianne Korosy.

Read the whole story here!

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