National Parks Traveler – The Alabama Five-Step: Come Be Surprised

When someone says the word, “Alabama,” what do you imagine? For most, the melody of “Sweet Home Alabama” pops into their head, or scenes from the movie by the same name. For me, most of what I pictured stemmed from the popular television show “Hart of Dixie,” centered around a young doctor moving to the…

LTER Road Trip – Publication of the Road Trip Story Map

  From mountains to deserts, marshes to forests, urban rivers to so much more, the LTER Road Trip led me to 17 ecological sites across the United States. To see the full map, blogs, and photos, check out the story map by clicking here.

LTER Road Trip – Searching for Skunks

Marie Tosa pulled into the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest parking lot with a white, mud splattered truck. Arranging dozens of metal cages for cleaning on the damp grass, she readied her gear to take me on a unique search: for skunks. Tosa grew up in Boston, receiving her Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology and Environmental…

10000 Birds – The Sandhill Cranes vs. Canada Geese

The stage is set for two rival gangs to fight over coveted territory: a grassy lawn bordered by a dirt road and a smattering of trees, surrounded by grassland and marsh. Read the entire blog on 10000 Birds!

National Parks Traveler – Core Reserves of the Eastern Wildway

Standing along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, staring out over the overlapping peaks of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I was wrapped in the seasonal hues of orange, red, and yellow donned by nearby trees. Cars buzzed past, the parkway acting as a beautiful connector within the larger transportation system. The protected area…

LTER Roadtrip: Slip-sliding Through the Decades

I paused at the top of Coweeta Hydrologic Lab’s transect #327, peering down, down, down at the slope beneath me. Katie Bower, a research technician at Coweeta, and two summer interns had already started down the narrow pathway, accustomed to its slippery leaf layer and sharp contours. Taking a deep breath, I followed slowly behind….

Introducing the Outdoor Project!

An online guidebook site curated by explorers from across the country, The Outdoor Project is the perfect platform to use when planning an adventure. As one of their contributors, I have been writing up unique, Floridian escapes. Check it out on my new Outdoor Project travel page!

Duke Nicholas School – 101 State Parks and Counting

I’m a goal-oriented person. When I suggested to the Florida State Parks staff back in 2015 that I could write about visiting all 175 state parks, trails and historic sites, I lodged the goal in my psyche with such force that even after my freelance contract with the parks ended, I remain determined. In December,…

10000 Birds – Icy Birding Along Portland’s Back Cove

It was the day before Christmas in Southern Maine, and an ice storm had  recently churned through, leaving the world bright and extra reflective. Home for the holidays, I convinced my mother to follow me to one of my favorite loops: the 3.5 miles around Portland’s Back Cove. We had no idea what we were…

Voices for Biodiversity – Brief Eulogies for Lost Animals

As individuals who work in the environmental field and whose hobbies involve being outdoors, we had heard of some of the extinct species featured in Brief Eulogies for Lost Animals by Daniel Hudon before we read the book. The popular metaphor-bird, the dodo, is one extinct species almost everyone knows about, and we also recognized Bachman’s warbler,…

10000 Birds – Birding Lake Junaluska

Lake Junaluska is surrounded by mountains, beautifully situated in scenic Western North Carolina, near the famous Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My friend Elisa and I hit the walking trail in early October, taking in the beginning of the autumn foliage and fall flowers (her) and any available avian species (me)….