10000 Birds – The Sandhill Cranes vs. Canada Geese

The stage is set for two rival gangs to fight over coveted territory: a grassy lawn bordered by a dirt road and a smattering of trees, surrounded by grassland and marsh. Read the entire blog on 10000 Birds!

National Parks Traveler – Core Reserves of the Eastern Wildway

Standing along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, staring out over the overlapping peaks of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I was wrapped in the seasonal hues of orange, red, and yellow donned by nearby trees. Cars buzzed past, the parkway acting as a beautiful connector within the larger transportation system. The protected area…

LTER Roadtrip: Slip-sliding Through the Decades

I paused at the top of Coweeta Hydrologic Lab’s transect #327, peering down, down, down at the slope beneath me. Katie Bower, a research technician at Coweeta, and two summer interns had already started down the narrow pathway, accustomed to its slippery leaf layer and sharp contours. Taking a deep breath, I followed slowly behind….