National Parks Traveler – Over 100 Crafters Sign Up To Create National Park Tempestries

The two tempestries had arrived in the mail, one depicting 1975 at Voyageurs National Park, the other, 2016. Comprised of all the colors of the rainbow and knit neatly by Deb Ceci, each row of the crafted work represents one day of high temperature data over the course of a year.

Staff at the Voyageurs National Park Association spread the two tempestries on the rocks next to the water of the Minnesota park, aligned perfectly with a wooden canoe paddle. From the photo, the tempestries have an obvious story to tell: 2016 experienced a generally hotter summer.

Two tempestries knitted by Deb Ceci, 1975 on the left, 2016 on the right. Photo by the Voyageurs National Park Association.

Read the entire article here. 

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