Birding Maine – Northern Parulas End the Morning

Continued from Trying to Spot an Ovenbird.

The prime time for birding had passed, but that didn’t mean we were done for the morning. Passing a low tree just beside the office building, we heard a strange buzzing.

“Is it a bird call?” I asked, and Mom nodded, approaching the tree with her binoculars.

We were in full view of the whole camp, staring at a few branches with our binoculars. No one said birding looks cool. In fact, in the documentary “The Central Park Effect” about birding in New York City, one interviewee noted birders are particularly vulnerable with binoculars raised, unable to see anything around them. Still, I normally don’t care if others see me while I am looking for birds, even if they are not birders themselves.

Read the rest on Bangor Daily News!

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